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Listing Your Property Online

The best way to get your property on potential buyers’ radar is to list it online. Shop a Property will ensure your property is displayed on important real estate sites to spread the word as quickly as possible. MLS, Shop a Property and other major online listing sites will all be graced with your property listing.

Quality photos, detailed descriptions and complete profiles will tantalize potential buyers and entice them to book viewings. If you are serious about selling, Shop a Property will ensure your property gets the online exposure it deserves!

Property Photo Shoot

A picture is worth a thousand words, and so it goes when selling real estate. Even the best description of a stunning kitchen and bathroom pales in comparison to vivid photographs. Potential buyers can picture themselves cooking on stainless steel appliances and indulging in long steamy walk-in showers just by viewing pictures of them.

Shop a Property will ensure that quality photos that adequately capture the essence of your home will be created and displayed for buyers to peruse online.

Property Video Tour

If pictures are the gold standard when selling a house or condo, then video tours are the platinum standard. Where often it is hard to imagine the floor plan of a property based on pictures alone, video tours allow potential buyers to be virtually guided through your home as if they were physically present.

Let Shop a Property create an invaluable video tour of your property to draw in buyers and guide them through. Even more effective than photos, a video tour can give your property the competitive advantage and help you sell for the highest possible price!

Open House

Even in today’s technologically advanced world, nothing compares to physically exploring a property you are looking to buy. Dmitri and Stanislava of Shop a Property specialize in creating open houses that leave a lasting impression.

Entrust us to educate visitors and potential buyers about all the benefits your property has to offer, making them feel connected to the property and more likely to give an offer. A unique sales pitch combined with the physical presence of experienced agents in your home will make buyers feel welcomed, informed and will ultimately result in bigger and better offers!

Exclusive List of Investors

Shop a Property liaises with a dynamic group of investors who are always on the market to find valuable properties to rent or flip. Take advantage of this unique connection by entrusting Dmitri and Stanislava of Shop a Property to help find the right buyer for your property – whether it is a house, condo or townhouse.

While the real estate market is not always predictable, you can always depend on Shop a Property to get you the most for your property!

Home Staging

First impressions matter, especially when it comes to selling your home. Let Shop a Property help you make a lasting first impression with exclusive tips and home staging ideas.

We can connect you with the right professionals to help turn your property into every buyer’s dream home through the art of home staging.

Get the Best Value

Shop a Property will always ensure you get the best value when selling your home; researching similar properties in order to ensure that your property sells for the highest possible amount. Trust Dmitri and Stanislava of Shop a Property to help you sell your home for the best value possible!

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