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Feb 24, 2015

The Time is Now: Purchase a New Home with Shop a Property

Purchase a New Home

Dmitri and Stanislava of Shop a Property are amongst the most acclaimed real estate agents representing both Toronto and the GTA. Whether you’re looking for a cozy house nestled in the suburbs, or a trendy condo in the heart of the city, Shop a Property has the resources to help you find your home.

While prime is going down, there is no time like the present to take a look at Toronto’s real estate market, and begin your hunt for your dream home. We make it our top priority to provide buyers with the most bang for their buck, and with interest rates as low as they are today, we guarantee a low price.

Scouting a Home that is Right for You

Dmitri and Stanislava are dedicated to helping their clientele work through the process of scouting and buying a property. Everyone’s desires are unique to their own tastes, and our years in the industry have instilled in us a vast knowledge of property styles and designs to fit a variety of lifestyles. While a newly built bungalow might intrigue some buyers, others might have their hearts set on a rustic, more lived-in property. Dmitri and Stanislava will work with you to help you realize all of your individual real estate wishes, and will strive to make those wishes a reality.

At Shop a Property, we pride ourselves on the integrity we show to each and every one of our clients. As part of our duty as your real estate agent, we will go over with you both the benefits and drawbacks of each property you are interested in, so that you will have the knowledge and the tools to make an informed decision about your purchase. Unlike other real estate agents, we do not pressure or persuade our clients into making rash decisions, but instead work together to bring to light the pros and cons of any potential home.

Book a Tour and Get Expert Advice

We realize the best way to evaluate any home is in person, with a tour throughout. Booking a showing of any property on the market couldn’t be easier than with Dmitri and Stanislava, as we are available whenever best fits your schedule. As seasoned professionals, we will assist you in uncovering the important qualities about the house you are interested in. We have the knowledge to assess many aspects of any home, from hidden water damage to the quality of the roof. We will provide you with informed feedback after the showing of your potential property, and answer any questions you might have. When it comes to the specifics, we have a range of helpful connections to ensure you get leading industry professionals to assist you in your home-buying process. Whether you need mortgage brokers or home inspectors, Dmitri and Stanislava can get you in touch with the professionals you need.

With years of experience in buying and selling homes we have become knowledgeable negotiators, and will do our best to get you the best price for the property you want. Call us any time, day or night, and we will help you take the first step in finding your dream property.


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